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Solutions & Services


On-site support for client’s projects -

Consultants will manage client’s projects, serve as advisors to the client’s project manager, develop project plans, track and report on the projects, and perform the role as an owner representative to project contractors.

Project Management procedures -

Consultants will develop customized project management processes that integrate with the client’s operating and specialized processes already in existence.  The project management processes are developed taking into consideration the current state of the client’s current project management capability and their future project management capability goals.  These processes are developed to be understandable and user friendly.

Project Management training -

Training materials are developed to be either generalized or customized to a particular client, depending on the goals of the training outcome.


Project Office development and Project Management Tool evaluation and recommendations –    

Huff Consulting, Inc. will lead our clients in the development of project offices for their organization and provide recommendations, based upon client needs, for selecting and implementing project management tools.





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